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Frequently Asked Questions (eBook preparation)

What requirements should my PDF file meet before conversion?

maximum file size is 150 MB,
file cannot have set any password or encrypting attributes,
all pages should be the same size (small differences between pages are OK),
file must consist of single pages only (we do not handle spreads),
file cannot contain bleed printing, we do not handle it,
original file should not have any page elements that extend past the exact page size, as they will disappear in conversion process,
file should contain even number of pages,
maximum number of pages is 1500.


What if I have added a file that doesn't meet above requirements?

Secured files are automatically removed from our server, so after receiving information about conversion failure by email, you can immediately upload a new file in a place of the secured one.
In case you have added a file which doesn't display properly (because it doesn't meet above requirements), write to us. We will remove the file from your account. Instead of the removed file, you will be able to convert a new one.


How long does it take to convert a single Page Flip digital edition?

It depends on the source of PDF file: its number of pages, resolution, number of illustrations and composition complexity.
For example:
PDF containing 15 pages with resolution of 150 DPI and 10 images will be created in about 2 minutes.
PDF containing 130 pages with resolution of 300 DPI and 45 images will be created in about 5 minutes.


Can I convert multiple PDF files at the same time?

Yes, upload them separately. You can see the status of each conversion on Client Panel. After each conversion is complete, you will be notified by email.


What is the difference between trial and commercial digital edition?

Trial version Commercial version
Change Page Flip Publication logo no yes
Change eBook display look & feel (Skinning) no yes
Commercial use no yes


Why do pages of my Page Flip digital edition have different size than in my PDF file?

All PDF pages should be the same size, otherwise they will be rescaled to the dimension of the first page (usually the cover).


Do I need any additional software to view Pressmo Page Flip digital editions?

For online version ("html") all you need is an Internet Browser with installed Flash plugin. Offline version ("exe") is completely standalone, you don't need any software, just to have Windows-based Operating System.


Why don't I receive any emails from Pressmo?

* Make sure you've entered your email address correctly.
* Check your spam folder in you mail inbox. In case our mails are by mistake filtered as spam, modify your spam filters settings.


Is there another way of submitting PDF files than through your web site?

Yes. You can send us your files on CD or DVD and we will send you back a CD or DVD containing your finished digital editions. To confirm requested digital edition specifications, please contact us before sending files.