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Unlimited applications


Our solutions are designed for companies, that want to have maximum control over their digital publications.

You decide and control who can access your publications because Pressmo digital editions are hosted on your own server. There are countless ways to make use of it. Sell your digital publications on CD or other portable storage devices.

Create online books in Flash. If you run an Internet bookstore or publishing company, create previews of publications that you sell. It will make your website more appealing and attract new customers.

Use our Page Flip digital editions as a solution to prevent your publications from unauthorized copying.


  Prepare with pressmo digital leaflets (eLeaflets) and online interactive eCatalogues.  



Pressmo is the right solution for everyone who displays online catalogues, marketing materials and bulletins in PDF format.


Create online catalogues of your products and services. Creating product eCatalogues with Pressmo is fast and easy.

eLeaflet - Give your customers the natural feeling of flipping pages while browsing digital content. Prepare improved, interactive version of your advertising leaflets and folders.

Distribute advertising materials as Flash digital editions on any portable storage device.

Your customers don't have to wait for PDF files containing your catalogues, offers or leaflets to download. Your content will be displayed directly on their web browser.


Many presentation techniques


Pressmo allows flexible delivery of your digital editions in various browsing tools and devices.

Publications can be copied on portable devices and displayed without internet connection.


Such publication can be opened

with simple “.exe” executable file

and doesn't need any additional viewer.


This allows you to sell

digital editions on portable devices,

or distribute advertising

materials on CD/DVD.


Page Flip Publications on personal computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets

Page Flip Publications on touchscreens

Page Flip Publications on multimedia projectors

arrow computers, laptops, netbooks arrow touchscreens, tablets arrow projectors
Auto-adjustment to screen resolution allows Flash digital editions to be read on both small and large screens Digital edition interface is also accessible on touchscreen devices that support Flash projectors Versions for mobile devices are very useful during training, lectures or conferences online and offline




online and offline


Pressmo Page Flip digital editions can be copied on external data carrier and displayed offline as a standalone publication. The CD prepared as offline version automatically launches the Flash publication. It's a perfect solution for sending interactive offers, tutorials, information and training materials to your clients.

  Two types of digital edions: online and offline: (CD/DVD, USB, hard disk).